Thursday, May 29, 2008

Training 05/29/08

Training ride with CCC...the "Big Steamer" steries...

The only thing this club ride is missing is an entry fee and a number :)

Its a race, with a neutral rollout, a windup, several hill climbs, attacks, re-groups, points and a jersey at the end of the series to the points leader.

You get point for top 3 spots at the "visitor parking" sign in front of City Hall.

I have zero points thus far, as I am not a sprinter. I have won a couple of imaginary KOM points though ;)

19.7 mph for 24 miles, including the warmup and cool-down miles. Probably 24 or so most of the hard part.

Good group of guys. Safe and steady for the most part, and they rotate at the front.

Cyclist to pray for: Peggy in California...bad track wreck.


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