Thursday, January 29, 2009

Harder than it looks...

Try this on your trainer:

15 minute warmup (Zone 1)
60 minutes steady state at that spot between Zone3/4
10 minutes cooldown (Zone 1).

No, you can't coast, go downhill or're on a trainer!

Its harder than it looks :)

Cyclist to pray for: Landon


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ride easy to ride fast?

Since the race on Saturday, I've logged 18 miles. Spread out over 2 days. At less than 140bpm HR.


Well...a coach friend of mine thinks he can make me faster and more successful in races, so he's got me alternating easy/off days this week in preparation for some high effort testing this weekend.

Have you ever tried to ride a trainer, doing high RPMs without going over 140? That takes some serious work and concentration!

I know it all makes sense, but it is difficult to be limited to 40 minutes rides, easy pace when teh weather is "unseasonably warm" here in DFW. Should be close to 80 today and its an off day per my coach.

I am going to try this coaching thing out for three months and see where we stand at that point. If I've seen positive improvements based on his direction I'll post up all his info and encourage you to sign up with him. If not, I'll thank him for his time and ride off on my own.

Now, I am a certified coach as well...but this guy is a Cat 1 racer on the road and the track, so his experience trumps mine. And he has a coach as well.

Cyclists to pray for: The guys that crashed out of the Tour Down Under in stage 3.


Monday, January 19, 2009


Legs, back and pride...all a little sore.

I raced with my buddy Craig Saturday afternoon in Copperas Cove, TX in the Cat 4/5 A group. We got there with very little time to spare (likely my fault...), so I had almost no time to warmup.

At the 5 mile mark, I got shelled out the back of the pack on a relatively small hill. I had been sitting top 10 cruising along, and then I was getting passed by the wheel truck.

So...I got in a nice long 47 mile solo ride. I even managed to get passed by the second 4/5 group that started 15 minutes after we did. Ugh. At least I beat the P123 field in. They did 31 miles more than us (congrats to Josh Clark for the win).

I also had an issue with my shifter in getting to the small ring on some of the hills while I was still trying to catch back on. After 2 or 3 miles it cleared up and I was able to start climbing again, but the race was very much over.

Lesson learned: be on time, warmup.

Cyclist to pray for: Todd K.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Racing age 41...

As of Jan 1, as far as USAC is concerned I am 41 years old. In cycling terms, I'm a has been that never was :)

I started racing in 2007. Most racers are retiring at that point, or going exclusively Masters categories. Me? I started racing my "skill" category instead of my "age". And I found out that track racing is fun as well.

I feel 26.

With the first race of the year looming, I'm asking myself if I have prepared properly during the much shortened off-season. I rode almost 700 miles in December....most of it on the trainer doing tempo work with a little simulated climbing thrown in to build up the quads.

Saturday morning brother Craig (also 40+) and I will launch ourselves into 2009 racing with 73 other Cat 4 and 5s in Copperas Cove, TX. He's the leader for our 2 person team...I pull him and carry his water bottles until I pop.

Last year in this race I was in it until about mile 40. Got shelled out the back on the biggest climb of the day right after the feed zone (and a perfect feed from Dan).

We'll see how my training has paid off, and if having a teammate in the race with me for the first time ever makes a difference.

Wish us luck!

Cyclist to pray for: Keenan and George W. Bush.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 could be fun...

If I'd train right.

Started off the new year with a brutal 50 mile ride, much of which was with 20-30 mph head/crosswinds. I had intended to get at least a metric, possibly even a century but the wind changed my plans.

Spent the better part of my free time over the next 5 days walling/framing a 10x12 section of my garage into what has become known as the "bike cave." Similar to a man cave, but without the La-Z-Boy and big flat panel TV. This is a trainer, workstand, weight-lifting area that can be easily cooled with a small window A/C in the summer or heated in the winter with a space heater.

Decided that 5 days off was enough and jumped on the trainer for a run at Spinerval's Suffer-O-Rama. Normally I do well with this particular workout, but the off days really showed and I truly did suffer. My legs were Jell-O for an hour afterwards.

I am gearing up to ride domestique duties for brother Craig at the Copperas Cove Classic on the Jan 17....good early season fitness check, and proceeds from this race go to the TBi junior program. Craig is feather light and fully-fit. I'm 15 pounds overweight and not as fit. I work for him until I pop in this race, and probably for several others through the season...on the road. Any wins I go for will most likely be on the track.

Lesson learned:
5 days off is too many to come back straight into intensity training

Cyclist to pray for: Beaux Benson. Don't know him, but he went down hard on an Austin ride and is in bad shape.