Friday, August 29, 2008

Aches and pains are part of the gain

Whine, gripe, moan, complain....the hazards of pushing yourself too hard

Did the HHH race/rally on 8/23 (dropped at 40 miles, rallied my way in to the finish. Yay me for 100 miles!). I decided somewhere about mile 50 that despite how much I spent and how cool the Selle Italia SLR Gel Flow saddle sux. For me. Fine for some other dude, but my old bones need some cushion.

I picked up a Specialized Rival of the proper width (slightly wider than the the SI), and lots of cushion. Stuck in on in the parking lot Tuesday before a 35 mile hammerfest known locally as the "Popsicle ride" which implies something nice and pleasant....not so much. Be ready for 20 avg, bursts to 30. I felt good durng the ride, but the adjustments are still to come as I strained a back muscle with bad positioning.

Rode again Thursday night after lowering the saddle 1 cm, hoping to get 40 miles in. Heat got me and I abandoned my 27/33 mile loop and cut it to 22 miles. Heavy bike, aero bars, CamelBack, saddle issues, etc. Felt like I was riding a 1970s Raleigh Touring bike (which I happen to have one of for sale in my garage!) complete with fenders and a rear rack.

I'll make another small adjustment tonight (lower the nose, scoot it forward) before Saturday's Tour de Bikemart metric attempt. need to get a metric this weekend (or two), a trial run at 6 hours next weekend, another metric at the Patriot Pedal on the 13th and hopefully another metric or hundred on 9/20.

All of this preparation is for my 12 hour attempt at 160 or more miles at the Texas Time Trials on 9/27.

I might go race the Superdrome on 9/19, mainly because I have a new junior teammate that has just started his track training, and I am targeting that as his first race. Local, low key and he can watch a lot of different skill levels when he's not on the track to learn from them.

Thing to learn if you're old: Make adjustments in fit or equipment well before your event.

Cyclists to pray for: John S, Todd, Dan. All for different reasons.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Season is almost over

HHH is coming!

In preparation for my last two events of the year, I've been trying to log some serious saddle time the last week or two, and will continue up through next Tuesday.

HHH (Cat 4, 100 miles) is August 23, 7am start. I don't expect to win, place or show in this one. I'd like to still be there at 40-50 miles, since my best Cat4 performance ever is 37 miles with the pack down in Copperas Cove back in January. I've gained back up to 172 lbs, and its not all muscle. When/If I get dropped in this race, I'll find others or wait for the rally riders on team IC3 to catch up with me and roll back in to Wichita Falls with that group.

Texas Time Trials is September 27 (for me). 12 hours, see how many miles you can do. This is a 20.01 mile loop in Cleburne, TX. My goal is 160 miles, since I have previously accomplished 156 in a 12 hour event in the past (1996). Once HHH is over, the aero bars get mounted and I start the longer training. 40 milers during the week, 80-100 on the weekends.

Crits and track are pretty much out for the year unless I just need a break.

Oh, and I start seminary classes on 9/15/08, which runs into November for my first class. My son starts a new school this year (cross your fingers) and my middle child goes off to college at the same time. Lots of changes around DB house in the next months.

Cyclist to pray for: Mrs. DallasBikr - she has to put up with me and watch our daughter move off to school. And yes, she is a cyclist. She has a recumbent trike!

Ride safe,

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where's DB?

Yes, I'm still a cyclist, and still aging :)

Lots of fun things get in the way of training...on-call duty, 100 degree weather, unexpected road trips, etc.

My middle offspring was coming back from a camp yesterday and the car she was riding in (not hers) decided to stop in the middle of nowhere. From the description, the motor seized up due to a lack of oil. So, I'm the logical person to drive from Irving to Childress, TX to home. Several hundred miles and about 7-8 hours at the end of a 7 hour work day. No..I didn't hop on the trainer to log some miles :)

This is not a complaint mind you...just part of being Mr. Dad/Father/Employee dude. If you are a teenager or young single dude reading this....get your race on now! Before you get old fat and slow! BWAHAHAHA!!!! Ok...better now ;)

I did ride Saturday morning, and a few miles on Sunday afternoon, but nothing to brag about. Am planning for a ride tonight as well.

Oh...and since I need at least one more thing to keep me from training "properly", I signed up for my first seminary class with Liberty University Online today: New Testament I. I start on September 15...after Hotter'N Hell, but before the Texas Time Trials.

Cyclist to pray for: Jennifer