Thursday, December 4, 2008

USA Cycling Coach

For my faithful reader(s)....

There's now a new image over on the right that USA Cycling's coaching program allows me to use, so I thought I should explain :)

I have been a certified Level 3 (beginner) cycling coach since early 2007, and expect to continue to be one until nobody ever asks me for cycling advice anymore.

I am not a PhD in Physiology, or a Power training expert, etc. I am a basics coach. I teach how to ride on the track without falling off. I teach the value of yelling "hole" and "car back" on group rides to newbies.

Services I offer and how much:

Junior track racing (as a helper to Suzie at the Superdrome): Free.
Junior track racing - open session: Free if I'm going anyway.

Junior road riding - Free until you get faster than me, then go hire Chris Williams or Max Miley

Adults, riding/racing - Free for members of IC3

Adults that want dedicated riding time and training programs....please hire Chris, Max, Richard Wharton, etc. These guys have proven experience taking riders to the next level. I am not building a coaching practice. I just want to get people started safely and then watch them grow.

Special note to parents:

If your kid wants to start competitive cycling, please consider the Superdrome youth development program. Track racing is one of the safest cycling forms out there. No trees, no glass, no cars. IC3 member or not, I'll help them get going both riding and racing when they are ready. Suzie Goodwin runs it, I help out when I can. The IC3 youth program in fo page is here.

Cyclist to pray for: Todd.


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