Friday, May 23, 2008

Track racing on speed

Big deal at the 'drome...back to back to back racing. So I did Cat 4 and 35+/Cat 4 just for the extra suffering ;)

The Cat 4 was interesting. I was using it as a warmup and test of the gears. I even told my fellow racers I was just fooling around. Did a few jumps, tried to lap them in the unknown distance and sat up with half a lap lead. I actually tried in the Miss-N-Out for a couple of get experience paying attention to what was happening, and to not be messing around with a full speed race.

The important thing for me was to NOT take away any TX cup points from the guys that are chasing them in the Cat 4 category. I got 6/6/4, which should be good for last place. Mission accomplished.

The 35+/Cat 4 was odd. Scratch race I don't really remember that well, but I know I sat up in mid race. Legs must have just not been there.

In the Unknown Distance, three got off the front so Mike Owens and I traded half-lap pulls to keep close. They dropped a guy, we dropped Mike and then I dropped the guy we caught, so I got 3rd, but got scored 4th. Hmm.

Miss-n-out. 2 laps, then pull a rider, 'cept I got pulled on the first lap. They knew they messed up, and should have gone to a non-pulling lap so I could catch back on, but nope. I got last place, when I had a legitimate shot at a 3rd or 4th. No way I was winning with Tom Ernst in the race.

6/4/6 in the 35+/Cat 4 category "officially". I'm trying to let it go :) The hard part is that I've been looking forward to and training for this race for a month.

Oh well.

State crits idea what to do tomorrow or Sunday. Maybe some miles tomorrow night with a recovery ride Sunday. Tomorrow morning I'll have "track legs" and have other more important business to attend to.

Cyclist to pray for: Richard W. to our spoke.


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