Monday, May 5, 2008

Creak, creak, creak...

That creaking, popping and groaning you hear off in the distance is the sound of an aging cyclist the Monday after an MS150.

Pushed way to hard on day one of the Frisco to Ft. Worth MS150 into the wind. Team IC3 started way at the back, so spent the first 20 miles fighting slower traffic and moto-marshalls trying to herd us onto the shoulder with their bikes.

My knees were hurting frmo day 1 mile 40 and never stopped. Ice last night helped quite a bit and I am moving around ok today.

I am "questionable" for the Tuesday crit series...partly due to the knees and partly due to spending all day Sunday in Zone 1. Zero intensity except for a couple of the climbs (which I did really well on for me.)

We have the Horse Country TT this weekend, so no Saturday ride for me...

Cyclist to pray for: The guy that got careflighted on Day 1 of the MS150.


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