Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tonight's crit...

I didn't get killed :)

I did get lapped, but I was in it for 38 minutes at over 25mph avg. Best I've ever done.

Someone ahead of me let a 4 or 5 bike length gap form with 3 to go, so I went around and bridged up to the pack (more than likely dragging 20 guys with me). The effort took everything I had, but was worth it to know I was able to do it!

I was maxed, 193 bpm HR and couldn't breathe so I pulled out and backed way off. Got caught by the pack on their last lap and got oout of the way in a hurry.

Pack skills...a very experienced rider I know and respect pulled an interesting move from behind me. He moved up next to me, hooked my bars and slid back, dragging along my hip as he went...then yelled something unintelligible at me. Dude...I was in front...watch your line :)

Last year, that would have freaked me out to the back of the pack. This year, common sense prevailed.

I'm very pleased with my effort tonight.

Next race is either the SPS series at the track Friday night, or next Tuesday's crit. The Horse Country TT is Saturday.

Cyclist to pray for today: The guy in my club under spiritual attack by the world and the devil himself.


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