Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Plano crits, 5/6/08

Yep, I'm feeling frisky enough and the knee is solid enough to go mix it up for 30 minutes. Sadly, the race is 50 minutes, so we'll see how that works out ;)

My crit goals for the B race this year mirror my goals for the C race last year:

In order:
Don't get killed (so far so good)
Finish (so far so good, except for one flat with 5 to go)
Don't get lapped (met this on 4/1/08)
Finish within sight of lead pack (1/4 lap?)
Pack Finish
Top 10

Not sure if its even reasonable to think I can get from OTB to top 10 in one season, thus the intermediate goals.

Will update tonight/tomorrow with results, assuming its not a rainout.

Cyclist to pray for: Erin. Focus and success in all areas.


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