Thursday, May 8, 2008


ok...that was a little painful, but in a good way...

I set the bike up with the heavy wheels, but left the aerobars in the truck and headed to the Plano crit course for some steady state work and a few intervals.

Little did I know I would be doing 5 2 minute intervals with Glen and Josh from PACC. Glen is a monster, and as steady a wheel as I've ever been behind. Being behind is the only way I could keep up. We were doing basically fast lap/slow lap (2 min on/4 min off) intervals. Ugh. Maxed my HR at a practice!

After that I got into just cruising around 18-20 for a number of laps, until I'd been at it for 90 minutes at split for the house.

Sore legs, happy brain.

Cyclist to pray for: Brian A. Newest member of IC3 North Texas!


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