Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gettin' dirty

Did a little MTB ride last night with friends from IC3, and managed to miss every tree on the LB Houston beginner loops.

Pretty tame ride, but not a bad way to change the pace up. 7 miles, easy pace, almost completely flat.

Cyclist to pray for: TW.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm baaaaack!

Back from a full week of youth camp and a weekend of recovering :)

Before I left I raced the SPS series on Friday the smoked in every race. No details, since the 35+/Cat 4 group was left off the results for now

Tried to do the Moritz Sprints for the Texas Cup points, but after 4 hours and no communication on expected timeframe I gave up and went home having only completed the 200m time trial. In effect, this ended any hope I had of taking the Texas Cup jersey as I needed a finish every available race. 4 hours before the first match sprint ever started seems excessive to me.

Got to build the storage shed instead of racing. Benefits of being an aging cyclist :)

I did get in some riding the Saturday after I returned at the Sam Bass Challenge Fun Ride. I helped the promoter organize routes, rest stops, etc. and rode the course backwards to make sure all 17 entrants were safe. Changed 2 flats and took off for home.

Did a fellowship ride on Sunday, averaging 14mph or so. 3 flats on that ride (1 was mine). Apparently the flat bug is following me.

Doing a beginner MTB ride at LB Houston tonight on my Wal-Mart "NEXT" bike...a rusted out 5 year old junker that weighs more than my road and track bikes combined. Oughta be "fun."

Cyclist to pray for: Key. Several needs.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Raced myself out of racing shape...

An interesting phenomenon is going on with me...

I've done so much track racing, with moderate levels of success that I can't crit anymore.

Most track races for my age/skill are 30 laps or less. On our track that is just over 7 kilos at most. This would be steady state, with a few surges here and there, and at about 2 minutes per kilo, a long race is maybe 15 minutes...usually closer to 10.

At the crits the last few weeks, I've gone really strong for about.....10 minutes. And then blew up.

Chuckle. The funniest part of this is that I have ALWAYS been an endurance guy. Long rides are better, since I've never been able to sprint in any form, shape or fashion. Until the track.

And the track is the most fun I've ever had in a bike race outside of a few BMX races a million years ago.

So I have to decide what I want to be when I grow up...track racer with the ability to go really well on a short race, crit racer with the ability to sprint...corner...repeat, or long distace road/tt dude.

In any event, I'm just glad to be able to compete at any level. Thanks and praises to God for that, and the safety I've enjoyed in the racing I've done.

Cyclist to pray for: Todd L. Went down hard and mad last night at the crits. He's ok, the parts are dinged.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Busy aging cyclist

Been a few days since my last post...many things going on, and precious little riding...

I did get in some track racing at the Superdrome Friday night, taking 4th in my category out of 8 entrants. Congrats to Tom E on the upgrade to Cat 3. We'll miss having you pull us all over the track ;)

My ride in the Danish was just stupid...wound up getting 7th I think. Bad tactics cost me a much higher position, and ultimately probably a top 3 in the overall.

Did better in the scratch and Unknown Distance (17 laps), but still not great. Mike Owens rode inspired and beat me in all three races. Good for him!

No riding on Saturday, as that was the last of the Horse Country Time Trial series my team promotes for the year. Takes too much work and I generally have nothing but a nap in me afterwards. Spent my free time yesterday working on the storage building for my wife...3 hours of measuring and cutting plywood. Finance committee meeting at church, evening services...all more important to an aging cyclist than getting in a bike ride.

Hopefully I can get in some miles tonight, so I'll not be dead in the crits tomorrow.

Cyclist to pray for: Geoffery Rogers with PACC. Car vs. always wins.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Racing in the heat...

I did the Tuesday night crits this week in temps nearing 100 degrees at race time. It cooled off a bit for the A race, and then the rain dumped on them. For the B racers (including me) it was just hot.

I didn't expect to hang in very long, so I lined up at the front and played around a bit with taking pulls and small breaks. Once caught I worked on positioning, cornering, etc. Stayed in it for 18 minutes at 24.7 avg mph. before my lungs started yelling at me to back I listened to the old body and bailed out. Happy with what I was able to do, and will continue to work on these things through the remainder of the season (mid-September).

Not having the pressure of trying to accomplish a specific finish order has made the crits much more enjoyable. The more track I race, the more dull a crit gets. But...crits are great training for track endurance events. And vice versa. If you don't have a cheap road fixie or track bike, you're missing a great training tool.

Lesson for the aged cyclist:

Work on technique if you're not in it for position
Make it fun
Bail when you are really cooked
Find the positive and dwell on it

Cyclist to pray for: Michael...all sorts of health issues have his spirits up and down.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Big slacker series...

Howdy all!

As with all on call weeks, my training suffered last week.

Thursday: 2 hours, 18 miles at the track. Did a couple fo Flying 200m efforts (14.53, 14.47), and got to work pacelines with IC3 member Keila in from the NorCal spoke.

Friday: Did the Yacht club route, took my time due to heat...95+.

Saturday: Did the responsible husband thing and spent the day with family and making multiple trips to town to get the necessary stuff to put up a storage building in the backyard. Went to the movies with the family in the evening.

Sunday: Did my Historic loop avg. 17mph, 95 degrees, 15mph wind from the S. Cooked myself.

Up next: Tuesday Crits and Friday night at the Superdrome, assuming I am done with preparations for the Horse Country TT.

Cyclist to pray for: Scott Kasin - health.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Old guys just wanna have fun...

The Plano Tuesday night crit, B race has gotten a bit tedious for me, since I don't have the fitness/ability to stay in it till the end. So I decided to have a little fun and mess around.

A lap by lap recap:

Warmup. {Snore}

Whistle to start the 45 minutes
Started at the front, clipped in immediately, got to the first turn in 4th
Jumped on Kelly's wheel and got in line (4th). Look back...we have a gap 20 seconds into the race
Traded pulls for a corner or two
Came out of Turn 4, lap one, and nearly ran my breakaway companions over when they checked up.
Went flying past them on the left and dropped the tiny little hammer I carry ;)
SOLO BREAK OVER THE S/F (yelled to the officials to take a picture!)
Had a decent gap (no respect from the others)
2 riders bridged up and we started swapping pulls
They are way stronger than me...did a final pull and sat up for the pack
Swallowed up and sat there for 5 or 6 laps
Off the back, probably not the first one to get shelled
Got lapped twice, and pulled out

Felt good to make people wonder what I was up to. I'm fairly sure my blue-shirt buddies were taking odds on what lap I would blow up on, especially after my off the front antics...

Good times though. More fun than I've had out there in weeks.

Cyclist to pray for: Dan and Michelle, for non-cycling reasons.


Slow is good...makes you faster!

I got in a 14 mile slow recovery ride Sunday afternoon with a good friend, an acquaintance and a stranger. This was our monthly Fellowship Ride for IC3. Once a month, we slow down and have a purely social ride. No-drop, and everyone rides at the speed/pace of the slowest or newest rider. Gary, Karen and Andrea...thanks for the ride!

Monday I put in a Power Hour in my neighborhood. This a new deal for me, which works in well with the aging cyclist training plan. Come home from work, play with the little one, love on Mrs. Aging cyclist, have some dinner, ride hard for an hour, clean up, mess around with the youngun' again, catch some "Mole" with missus dallasbikr...all while on call for work.

My Power Hour consists of 6 laps at 90-100% around the local crit...30 minutes. Then cruise up the road for 15 minutes, and come back. Cease hard effort at 60 minutes and roll to the house.

My legs are aware I used them last night, but not complaining....should be in decent shape for the Tuesday night crits.

Cyclist to pray for: Jack...messed up his knee Sunday (not on the bike though...on the deck)