Thursday, May 29, 2008

Training 05/29/08

Training ride with CCC...the "Big Steamer" steries...

The only thing this club ride is missing is an entry fee and a number :)

Its a race, with a neutral rollout, a windup, several hill climbs, attacks, re-groups, points and a jersey at the end of the series to the points leader.

You get point for top 3 spots at the "visitor parking" sign in front of City Hall.

I have zero points thus far, as I am not a sprinter. I have won a couple of imaginary KOM points though ;)

19.7 mph for 24 miles, including the warmup and cool-down miles. Probably 24 or so most of the hard part.

Good group of guys. Safe and steady for the most part, and they rotate at the front.

Cyclist to pray for: Peggy in California...bad track wreck.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Personal Best

Set a new personal best for my Historic loop...27 miles even at 18.13 mph avg. Doesn't sound like much, but there are some "harder than they look" hills and I was on the heavy training hoops.

I'm pleased with my effort...91 degrees to start, sweat everywhere. 3 bottles, all empty at the end.

CCC Big Steamer tomorrow night (probably)


no race last night

The weather was cruddy enough (rain) that I decided the crits would be called off, so I mentally checked out of race mode and into a trainer session. Then I got an email request to officiate if the crits didn't get called. Sure...wyh not, its gonna rain anyway...

Then they got called off.

Then they were back on.

So I headed off to Plano to go spend 3 hours watching numbers fly by.

Not a drop of rain, and the sun came out for the A & B races.

No miles at all last night. I'll try to get a ride in tonight, and maybe do the CCC Big Steamer series tomorrow. Friday off, Saturday maybe I ride in the afternoon after Graduation festivities are over.

Cyclist to pray for: Key.


Monday, May 26, 2008

State crits, Cat4

Today's race proved to me that I am not Cat 4 ready yet, and need to go back to training instead of racing. Tuesday nighters will continue as they are good training. But the big ones are just too much for now. Perhaps next year :)

No races currently on the schedule as "Next" other than the Plano Tuesday nighter.

Need to start getting the longer rides in in preparation for the Texas Time Trial 12 hour race in September. Pure endurance ride, where I hope to hit 160 miles to better my PB of 156 miles set in 1996.

Cyclist to pray for: Eddie and Todd, who took each other out on a training ride recently.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Track racing on speed

Big deal at the 'drome...back to back to back racing. So I did Cat 4 and 35+/Cat 4 just for the extra suffering ;)

The Cat 4 was interesting. I was using it as a warmup and test of the gears. I even told my fellow racers I was just fooling around. Did a few jumps, tried to lap them in the unknown distance and sat up with half a lap lead. I actually tried in the Miss-N-Out for a couple of get experience paying attention to what was happening, and to not be messing around with a full speed race.

The important thing for me was to NOT take away any TX cup points from the guys that are chasing them in the Cat 4 category. I got 6/6/4, which should be good for last place. Mission accomplished.

The 35+/Cat 4 was odd. Scratch race I don't really remember that well, but I know I sat up in mid race. Legs must have just not been there.

In the Unknown Distance, three got off the front so Mike Owens and I traded half-lap pulls to keep close. They dropped a guy, we dropped Mike and then I dropped the guy we caught, so I got 3rd, but got scored 4th. Hmm.

Miss-n-out. 2 laps, then pull a rider, 'cept I got pulled on the first lap. They knew they messed up, and should have gone to a non-pulling lap so I could catch back on, but nope. I got last place, when I had a legitimate shot at a 3rd or 4th. No way I was winning with Tom Ernst in the race.

6/4/6 in the 35+/Cat 4 category "officially". I'm trying to let it go :) The hard part is that I've been looking forward to and training for this race for a month.

Oh well.

State crits idea what to do tomorrow or Sunday. Maybe some miles tomorrow night with a recovery ride Sunday. Tomorrow morning I'll have "track legs" and have other more important business to attend to.

Cyclist to pray for: Richard W. to our spoke.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Training ride...solo

Last night was a drag due to bad training (or no training...)

So with a hard track effort coming up Friday and a big Crit on Monday, I've been a little wishy-washy on when to go hard vs. recover this week.

Put in a solid 37 miles tonight, solo into the wind out and hammer back. My quads are sore, which is what I was looking for.

Off tomorrow, then race Friday.

Medium effort with a few intervals locally on Saturday, recovery ride Sunday.

That should leave me ready for the State Champ crit, Cat 4 on Monday.

Or not...we'll see.

Cyclist to pray for: Dan "Big Daddy" Apgar


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How NOT to train for a crit

1. Race yourself silly at the track on Friday
2. Sit on your rear for three days
3. Warm up with no focus.

Yep...three days off gets you exactly the results you would expect: OTB in about 12 minutes of a 45 minute crit. 25.2 avg when I gave up.

Starting to think this is about me again....someone kick me please :)

Cyclist to pray for: Joe Lacour...hurt himself pretty bad at the track Saturday.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday night racing 5/16

Superdrome Points Series, Frisco, TX

I had the brilliant idea of racing two categories tonight at the track, since I won't be riding on things :)

The question then became which category to add? Of course I do the 35+/Cat4 (old rookie) class, but do I add Masters 30+ or regular Cat 4? The difference is all older guys or younger, fresher legs to compete against.

Then I remembered that guys with the experience and skill of Michael Gacki, Geoff Godsey, etc. race in the 30+. So I entered the Cat4.

6 races in one night...super ouch.

The night got off to a really rough start as Andrew Armstrong and a kid got together on the apron at pretty high speeds and went down hard. The kid was really shaken up, but I didn't see or hear of any real damage to him. Andrew got some pretty good road/track rash, but nothing seemed broken. He went off to the hospital just to be safe (very smart move). His sweet Cervelo has a cracked top tube though...which suck to kill a bike like that during practice.

Back to racing...

My night's schedule went like this:

Race 1
8 lap scratch (35+)
small break
8 lap scratch (cat 4)

Race 2
10 lap snowball (35+)
small break
2 lap Miss-N-Out (Cat 4)

Race 3
32 lap scratch (35+)
NO break
40 lap scratch (cat 4)

The scratch races were uneventful in race 1. I could have positioned better, and I could have been worse.

I got some points in the Snowball, which almost always puts you in the top 4 or 5, as some guys can never get to the front and you have a large group tied at 0 points. If you have even 1 you are ahead of all of them.

The Miss-N-Out was a mess...guys weren't pulling out, we got neutralized, etc. This is the disadvantage of Cat 4...some folks didn't know what to do, and a lot of times just couldn't hear the announcers calling numbers to drop off. I got caught in this group, as I mentally went stoopid and didn't realize I was at the back when I got pulled...good thing Gacki was in turn three calling my name. That helped. Got 6th of 13.

Hung in ok on the 32 lap scratch, probably a top half finish. Immediately to the rail for the 40 lapper in the cat 4, but only made it about halfway before I was falling back and sprinting every couple of laps just to stay on. I decided there was no longer any benefit to staying in it and pulled myself. I'm not chasing any points in Cat 4, and was out of any money (which I give back to the 'drome anyway).

35+ had Tom Ernst in it, and his hypnotic disk wheel...pushed the pace all night, which makes for a really good workout.

Cat 4 had Josh from Kansas and a kid from Tulsa...both fast and full of energy. Cody Holland did really well in the 40 lap race, hanging on for 38 laps. Very nice for a 16 year old.

A great night of racing, and Saturday is a day off the bike. If I ride at all, it will be with my son and his friend who is spending the weekend with us.

Next races: Tuesday night crits, Friday night Texas Cup race: "Track racing on speed" and the State Criterium Championship on Memorial day

Cyclist to pray for: Andrew, and the kid that went down with him.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yay!!! More crit practice...

To paraphrase a local coach: The desire to succeed is useless without the will to prepare properly.

So, off I go to crit practice tonight. No other way to prep for a big crit (State, Memorial day) than to practice intervals and cornering.

Hopefully some of my IC3 brothers will be able to come. If not, I'll jump in some PACC wheels and roll with them.

Looking at:

20 minute warmup
10 minute steady state
5x2 min intervals, 4 minute break
10 minute steady state
Cooldown for howver many minutes are left

2 hours total.

This is also good track prep. I might be going to either the SPS Friday night races, or the Moritz sprints, or both this weekend. Depends on the home stuff.

Cyclist to pray for: Eddie.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Bad week, good week, mediocre week...

What I lack in results, I make up for in a lack of consistency.

But! I have a positive attitude. I'm positive this is fun :)

Off the back in 25 minutes tonight in the B race, avg 24.9 mph. Did I ride too hard last night? Not hard enough? Bad warmup? Who really knows.

Nonetheless, I shall return to race again another day.


Monday, May 12, 2008

Didn't have it tonight

Good thing is was just a training ride...

Took off for a 2 hour ride, got bored and turned it into an 80 minute, 24 mile ride. Knee acted up a bit at first, but I got over it. 2 days off makes one sluggish

I pre-registered for the "Track racing on speed" event on 5/23. Am already registered for the State crits as well. I'm actually looking more forward to the track deal than state, but state is a cool course, very technical and rough if its raining on the next to last corner...


Not riding makes you strong?

Its a rare weekend indeed that the aging cyclist takes off Saturday AND Sunday when the weather is decent. I haven't been on a bike since Friday at the track.

Saturday was Horse Country and hanging with the middle child. Sunday was church and Mother's day...obvious priorities.

So tonight I'll go out and try to get in a couple of hours with some intervals, hoping to be in good shape for the Tuesday night crits. Shooting for a goal of "not lapped" this week after last weeks very good performance.

Cyclist to pray for: Gary.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

23 years ago...

...I won a bike race (BMX).

Last night at the Superdrome I won the Masters 35+/Cat 4 category in the Friday night Points series race.

That's a long time between wins...

There were 5 or 6 of us and our category didn't make so they combined us with the regular cat 4s. I stayed as close to the front as I could, figuring that would make some good finishes since they we were racing together but being scored separately. I was right.

Our events were:

4 lap Danish
20 lap scratch
29 lap Unknown Distance

All fun, and I learned about a gear choice I really like last night (but you don't get to know which one!)

Good times, low key event, good way to clear the head since I've been doing promoter duties all week for the Horse Country Time Trial.

Rider(s) to pray for: All of our racers that came out today...prayers of thanks are always appropriate.


Thursday, May 8, 2008


ok...that was a little painful, but in a good way...

I set the bike up with the heavy wheels, but left the aerobars in the truck and headed to the Plano crit course for some steady state work and a few intervals.

Little did I know I would be doing 5 2 minute intervals with Glen and Josh from PACC. Glen is a monster, and as steady a wheel as I've ever been behind. Being behind is the only way I could keep up. We were doing basically fast lap/slow lap (2 min on/4 min off) intervals. Ugh. Maxed my HR at a practice!

After that I got into just cruising around 18-20 for a number of laps, until I'd been at it for 90 minutes at split for the house.

Sore legs, happy brain.

Cyclist to pray for: Brian A. Newest member of IC3 North Texas!


5/6/08 - crit practice

Next race of a "non-training or track" variety is the Texas State Championship Crit, Cat 4 on Memorial Day in Fort Worth.

So the goal is to get prepped for a pack finish. In line with this, I have 5 days of crit practice to go. Tuesday nights at the FDM crit series in Plano and Thursday nights on the same course, but just practicing and getting in cornering/drafting work on the heavy bike.

So...I'll be in Plano tonight doing the "roundy-round" as a local racer/coach like to call it. 4:30 - 6:00...come on out if you are a local.

Cyclist to pray for: Jerry. Continued recovery from knee surgery.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tonight's crit...

I didn't get killed :)

I did get lapped, but I was in it for 38 minutes at over 25mph avg. Best I've ever done.

Someone ahead of me let a 4 or 5 bike length gap form with 3 to go, so I went around and bridged up to the pack (more than likely dragging 20 guys with me). The effort took everything I had, but was worth it to know I was able to do it!

I was maxed, 193 bpm HR and couldn't breathe so I pulled out and backed way off. Got caught by the pack on their last lap and got oout of the way in a hurry.

Pack skills...a very experienced rider I know and respect pulled an interesting move from behind me. He moved up next to me, hooked my bars and slid back, dragging along my hip as he went...then yelled something unintelligible at me. Dude...I was in your line :)

Last year, that would have freaked me out to the back of the pack. This year, common sense prevailed.

I'm very pleased with my effort tonight.

Next race is either the SPS series at the track Friday night, or next Tuesday's crit. The Horse Country TT is Saturday.

Cyclist to pray for today: The guy in my club under spiritual attack by the world and the devil himself.


Plano crits, 5/6/08

Yep, I'm feeling frisky enough and the knee is solid enough to go mix it up for 30 minutes. Sadly, the race is 50 minutes, so we'll see how that works out ;)

My crit goals for the B race this year mirror my goals for the C race last year:

In order:
Don't get killed (so far so good)
Finish (so far so good, except for one flat with 5 to go)
Don't get lapped (met this on 4/1/08)
Finish within sight of lead pack (1/4 lap?)
Pack Finish
Top 10

Not sure if its even reasonable to think I can get from OTB to top 10 in one season, thus the intermediate goals.

Will update tonight/tomorrow with results, assuming its not a rainout.

Cyclist to pray for: Erin. Focus and success in all areas.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Creak, creak, creak...

That creaking, popping and groaning you hear off in the distance is the sound of an aging cyclist the Monday after an MS150.

Pushed way to hard on day one of the Frisco to Ft. Worth MS150 into the wind. Team IC3 started way at the back, so spent the first 20 miles fighting slower traffic and moto-marshalls trying to herd us onto the shoulder with their bikes.

My knees were hurting frmo day 1 mile 40 and never stopped. Ice last night helped quite a bit and I am moving around ok today.

I am "questionable" for the Tuesday crit series...partly due to the knees and partly due to spending all day Sunday in Zone 1. Zero intensity except for a couple of the climbs (which I did really well on for me.)

We have the Horse Country TT this weekend, so no Saturday ride for me...

Cyclist to pray for: The guy that got careflighted on Day 1 of the MS150.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Big Steamer 5/1/08

As planned, I hit the Corinth Cycling Club "Big Steamer" ride last night. Did 13 miles of low intensity warmup on the heavy bike. Was doing ok until the 2nd time up a certain hill, into the wind. Let just a little gap form on this ride, and you are dropped.

I still got in 30 miles at low/high intensity, so not a bad ride. Would have liked to stay on longer, but the legs just couldn't get me there with the bike setup as is (aeros, Armadillos, seatbag, etc.). In race mode I can hang...

Nothing today, and tomorrow the MS150 rolls out at 7am

Please pray with me for Craig today. Physical healing specifically...