Friday, June 27, 2008

Truncated training ride

Corinth Cycling Club training ride last night...

This is a very fast training ride done every Tuesday and Thursday through the summer. 4 miles warm up, hammerfest in the middle, 4 miles cooldown (all numbers approximate). Sprint points at the end and all.

I came out last night energized and ready to roll...race wheels and all. I powered up a hill, chased a mini-break, flew a corner picking a perfect line...right through the glass. Including me there were 4 flats.

The only good things about mine are that nobody crashed, and this tire needed replacing as its the same one I cut on Sunday and was riding with a dollar bill inside it as a boot. This flat was just trach coming through. With less than 200 miles on the tire, I'm going to give it a thumbs up for "suppleness" and two thumbs down for durability. Vittoria Diamante for those that want to avoid it.

Still got in 18 miles and feel good about how I was riding until the flat. Thanks to Dan and Tim for hanging out while I fixed it up.

Track racing tonight: Miss-n-out, 4 lap scratch, points. Twice. Doing two categories to get in the miles.

Cyclist to pray for: Key.


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