Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Race report 20080624

Tuesday night crits, Plano, TX

B race (Cat 4 men, masters Cat 3s)

I actually got in a decent warmup, with a few power intervals into the East wind on the backside to wake up the legs. 8-10 miles or so, mostly in the 15-17mph range with 22+ intervals.

I have not been training well lately, and I typically drop off the back of this race within 10-15 minutes. 10 minutes seems to be a make or break point for me. I have never been a "ramp it up to 100% NOW" sort of rider.

Tonight I was able to stick in there for 27 minutes at 25.2 mph before I just had nothing left. I got in two laps past the point my lungs and legs started barking at me, and then one more at the "encouragement" of my friend Scott Winn (thanks have more faith in my skills than I do...). After that I was toast, but happy with my performance, considering the training and heat (mid to high 90s).

Not a bad performance. Active Recovery ride tonight, who knows for tomorrow and then track racing Friday night.

Cyclist to pray for: Bill issue and closer relationship to God.


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