Friday, June 6, 2008

Texas Cup track standings

The current rankings for the Texas Cup Track points have been updated. For the Master's 35+/Cat 4 category:

1st Jim May GS Tenzing 62
2nd Kurt Bickel Joes Pro Bikes 59
3rd Kevin Hill International Christian Cycling Club 56
4th Carl Hentschel GS Tenzing 48
5th Michael Owens 44
6th Kenneth Maclean GS Tenzing 40
7th Edwin Buck Colavita Racing Inc. 39
7th Steven Bigby Team Spincycle 39
9th Robson Strange GS Tenzing 38

My stated goal at the beginning of the season was to shoot for a top 3 in this category at the end of the year. Being behind Jim and Kurt is nothing to be sad about :)

The next TX Cup events on the track are one of the SPS nights, and July Moritz Sprint.

I'm wondering if its possible to win the category without making a trip to Houston? They have 5 nights of sprinting and TT that award D1 points...4 of the 5 still to come. No other events. Superdrome still has 4 more cup events that I know of, including the two above.

Fun stuff, this "go fast, turn left" thing :)

Cyclist to pray for: Mike...knee issues and a hernia...season over before it really got started :(


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