Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Outrunning a chew-toy

Training ride last night...I call it the "Power Hour" which is misleading, since its not a "power" session as most advanced cyclists think of it. Especially since I don't have or want a Power Meter.

This just a workout of higher intensity that takes no more than an hour from start to finish. For last night's version, I did 6 laps around my development (also known as the "Kruger Krit"). On the second lap, my neighbor's Chihuahua decided to chase me up the street at 20mph. Amazingly, this tiny little dog held pace for over 100m. I kept the pace up, as I did not want him getting caught in my spokes and suffering "Death by Neuvation", with me flipping over the bars.

I call this dog Chew Toy, because the other dog in the house is a huge beast of a mutt, with absolutely NO desire to chase cars, kids or cyclists. If he comes to see you and opens his mouth...fear not. He's about to drop a tennis ball on your shoe...nothing more.

51 minutes, 20mph avg, winds SE 12-15. Not bad for an old guy.

Races this week:

Tuesday night crits - Plano
Wednesday night crit - Ft. Worth (maybe)
Superdrome Points Series - Friday

Cyclist to pray for: Karen.


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