Thursday, June 19, 2008

Busy week...

Been a few days and a few rides since I last posted, sorry about that!

Monday - 90 minute "hard" solo ride here near home

Tuesday Crits - canceled due to off and on rain

Wednesday - TBi Crits in Ft. Worth. 1.7 mile loop, B race. Hung on for 2 or 3 laps, got dropped and then lapped with 2 to go I begged for a mercy pull from my friends in blue at the finish line. Very hot, more than mild wind. Close to 100 degrees during warmup.

Thursday - intended to get to the morning track session (off work), but decided to sleep in when I heard thunder and rain at 7:30am. Went and did the CCC Big Steamer ride. Got dropped on "the" hill the second time around. This thing gets faster every time I do it.

Tomorrow - no and travel to a family reunion.

Saturday - might get to ride out in Longview if I can find an early enough group and manage to get my lazy rear out of bed on time. Reunion starts at 10, back to the Sammons compound around 2, probably drive home that evening.

Next race: Tuesday night crits, SPS on 6/27 (no TX Cup points though)

Cyclist to pray for: Elderly dude that crashed at White Rock and is in intensive care. Name and condition unknown.

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