Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Not trying THAT again...

I knew it wasn't likely to end well, but to help out I accepted an offer to officiate the Tuesday Night Crit. I was allowed to race the B race, with the condition that I pull out with three laps to go and be ready to score the finish.

Given that I'm rarely still in it with three to go...sure, why not?

Warmed up reasonably well and stopped in time to get the C race and Juniors going. Scored them and got a quick change from official's gear to race gear and grabbed the bike.

45 minutes since warmup, hurried stuff from finish and clothing change, plus huge south winds caused me to be more ineffective than usual. 10 minutes and out. Mentally I was never in the race.

So...either race or officiate...not both.

And train better. Nothing new there.

I *might* get to train some tomorrow, but my ladies are out of town so its just me and the boy. I'll see if he wants to come to track practice in the morning, or hang with my mom tomorrow night.

Next race will likely be the Moritz Sprints on Saturday night. I may get some miles in Saturday morning, but have a b-day party to attend for my nephew at noon.

Cyclist to pray for: G.Lake


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