Monday, June 23, 2008

Be consistent!!

One of the best things an aging cyclist can do is to be consistent. Back in my 20s, I could change up the schedule, go harder, skip days, etc. and not suffer. Now...not so much.

Rode hard Thursday night, but took off Saturday when out of town for two reasons:
1. Needed sleep before the family reunion
2. Too hot afterwards to ride unfamiliar routes

So, 2 days off and it showed yesterday. Weak little 43 mile effort at modest intensity left me completly drained. Of course, 95 degree heat and a flat 5 miles from home didn't help any...

At least I got in a longer than normal ride. Lately, the training has been suffering, and most rides in the <30 mile range.

I'll probably go out for an hour tonight after work to get in a light speed workout before the crits tomorrow night.

Oh...and reunions make you fat. I'm up 5 pounds so far this month.

Cyclist to pray for: Rachel - crashed in Austin over the weekend from what I read on TXBRA


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Jeff M. Miller said...

Hey, you have a blog! Very cool. Welcome to the blog world.

You're even using the same template I used when I first started out. Good taste.