Thursday, June 12, 2008

Track workout 6/12/08

Got in a nice workout tonight at the Superdrome:

30 lap warmup with Mike and Fred...17-22mph, standard 2 lap, then 1 lap pulls

solo efforts, including some "barely rolling" start kilos...1:27 and 1:26. Not bad for a first time and a 50x16 gear (not sure what that works out to)

A few more "roll around in the aerobars" laps.

We have the Master's Regionals this weekend. I signed up to get clobbered in the 40-49 yr old Points race, and am looking for teammates to do the Team Pursuit.

Why? No TX Cup points in the 35+/Cat 4, no money, no chance of winning the Points race. Why? Cuz I just want to :) I have a goal in my head to do every type of track race the Superdrome offers within 2 years. Year one is just about over...

Cyclist to pray for: Greg "Brass Knuckle" clobbered by a car head-on yesterday. Sore but no major injuries. Bike is a "crumpet" (his term, not mine)


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