Thursday, June 12, 2008

More grown-up stuff blocks training...

Hello to both of my loyal readers! ;)

Among the things that take away (correctly) from the training time of an aging cyclist:

...and now jury duty.

I spent Monday - Wednesday this week in a federal criminal white-collar trial. Hard to ride when you have to drive an hour each way, sit in a jury-box/jury room and then be on-call for work when you get home.

I got in a 20 mile heat-fest on Sunday afternoon, and a 30 minute hard paced crit practice around the neighborhood on Tuesday after both sides rested their case earlier than expected.

I'll head to the track tonight to try out doing some kilo work for the first time. Got the road aero clip-ons mounted last night and ready to roll. Ought to be interesting as I've never done a true standing-start kilo effort before.

No racing this weekend, as its Master's Regionals only, and I'm not fast enough to hang with a Mike Gacki, Frank, Uncle Joe, etc. Michael Owens I can hang with, so maybe... beloved son's birthday party is Saturday at 1:30. WAY more important than a bike race, hands down.

Cyclist to pray for: Tom Boonen...even the elites face troubles and tough decisions.


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