Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Slow is good...makes you faster!

I got in a 14 mile slow recovery ride Sunday afternoon with a good friend, an acquaintance and a stranger. This was our monthly Fellowship Ride for IC3. Once a month, we slow down and have a purely social ride. No-drop, and everyone rides at the speed/pace of the slowest or newest rider. Gary, Karen and Andrea...thanks for the ride!

Monday I put in a Power Hour in my neighborhood. This a new deal for me, which works in well with the aging cyclist training plan. Come home from work, play with the little one, love on Mrs. Aging cyclist, have some dinner, ride hard for an hour, clean up, mess around with the youngun' again, catch some "Mole" with missus dallasbikr...all while on call for work.

My Power Hour consists of 6 laps at 90-100% around the local crit...30 minutes. Then cruise up the road for 15 minutes, and come back. Cease hard effort at 60 minutes and roll to the house.

My legs are aware I used them last night, but not complaining....should be in decent shape for the Tuesday night crits.

Cyclist to pray for: Jack...messed up his knee Sunday (not on the bike though...on the deck)


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