Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Old guys just wanna have fun...

The Plano Tuesday night crit, B race has gotten a bit tedious for me, since I don't have the fitness/ability to stay in it till the end. So I decided to have a little fun and mess around.

A lap by lap recap:

Warmup. {Snore}

Whistle to start the 45 minutes
Started at the front, clipped in immediately, got to the first turn in 4th
Jumped on Kelly's wheel and got in line (4th). Look back...we have a gap 20 seconds into the race
Traded pulls for a corner or two
Came out of Turn 4, lap one, and nearly ran my breakaway companions over when they checked up.
Went flying past them on the left and dropped the tiny little hammer I carry ;)
SOLO BREAK OVER THE S/F (yelled to the officials to take a picture!)
Had a decent gap (no respect from the others)
2 riders bridged up and we started swapping pulls
They are way stronger than me...did a final pull and sat up for the pack
Swallowed up and sat there for 5 or 6 laps
Off the back, probably not the first one to get shelled
Got lapped twice, and pulled out

Felt good to make people wonder what I was up to. I'm fairly sure my blue-shirt buddies were taking odds on what lap I would blow up on, especially after my off the front antics...

Good times though. More fun than I've had out there in weeks.

Cyclist to pray for: Dan and Michelle, for non-cycling reasons.


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