Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm baaaaack!

Back from a full week of youth camp and a weekend of recovering :)

Before I left I raced the SPS series on Friday the 18th...got smoked in every race. No details, since the 35+/Cat 4 group was left off the results for now

Tried to do the Moritz Sprints for the Texas Cup points, but after 4 hours and no communication on expected timeframe I gave up and went home having only completed the 200m time trial. In effect, this ended any hope I had of taking the Texas Cup jersey as I needed a finish every available race. 4 hours before the first match sprint ever started seems excessive to me.

Got to build the storage shed instead of racing. Benefits of being an aging cyclist :)

I did get in some riding the Saturday after I returned at the Sam Bass Challenge Fun Ride. I helped the promoter organize routes, rest stops, etc. and rode the course backwards to make sure all 17 entrants were safe. Changed 2 flats and took off for home.

Did a fellowship ride on Sunday, averaging 14mph or so. 3 flats on that ride (1 was mine). Apparently the flat bug is following me.

Doing a beginner MTB ride at LB Houston tonight on my Wal-Mart "NEXT" bike...a rusted out 5 year old junker that weighs more than my road and track bikes combined. Oughta be "fun."

Cyclist to pray for: Key. Several needs.


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