Monday, July 14, 2008

Busy aging cyclist

Been a few days since my last post...many things going on, and precious little riding...

I did get in some track racing at the Superdrome Friday night, taking 4th in my category out of 8 entrants. Congrats to Tom E on the upgrade to Cat 3. We'll miss having you pull us all over the track ;)

My ride in the Danish was just stupid...wound up getting 7th I think. Bad tactics cost me a much higher position, and ultimately probably a top 3 in the overall.

Did better in the scratch and Unknown Distance (17 laps), but still not great. Mike Owens rode inspired and beat me in all three races. Good for him!

No riding on Saturday, as that was the last of the Horse Country Time Trial series my team promotes for the year. Takes too much work and I generally have nothing but a nap in me afterwards. Spent my free time yesterday working on the storage building for my wife...3 hours of measuring and cutting plywood. Finance committee meeting at church, evening services...all more important to an aging cyclist than getting in a bike ride.

Hopefully I can get in some miles tonight, so I'll not be dead in the crits tomorrow.

Cyclist to pray for: Geoffery Rogers with PACC. Car vs. always wins.


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