Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Racing in the heat...

I did the Tuesday night crits this week in temps nearing 100 degrees at race time. It cooled off a bit for the A race, and then the rain dumped on them. For the B racers (including me) it was just hot.

I didn't expect to hang in very long, so I lined up at the front and played around a bit with taking pulls and small breaks. Once caught I worked on positioning, cornering, etc. Stayed in it for 18 minutes at 24.7 avg mph. before my lungs started yelling at me to back I listened to the old body and bailed out. Happy with what I was able to do, and will continue to work on these things through the remainder of the season (mid-September).

Not having the pressure of trying to accomplish a specific finish order has made the crits much more enjoyable. The more track I race, the more dull a crit gets. But...crits are great training for track endurance events. And vice versa. If you don't have a cheap road fixie or track bike, you're missing a great training tool.

Lesson for the aged cyclist:

Work on technique if you're not in it for position
Make it fun
Bail when you are really cooked
Find the positive and dwell on it

Cyclist to pray for: Michael...all sorts of health issues have his spirits up and down.


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