Monday, October 5, 2009

Just keep plugging along...

Not too much has been happening of any note since my last post.

Raced the Cotton Patch Challenge in Greenville, TX. I knew I wasn't going to stay in the lead so I hammered along until I dropped at the 23 mile mark. Chased a few break attempts down and stayed at the front while I was in it. I figure why not have a good time while I still have the legs, yah? Total sufferfest the next 30 miles :)

All of this has been to get me ready for the Fall mini-series at the track that runs through November. Results have been mixed. I've felt strong and ridden well but the placings don't show it as there are some VERY strong guys in the 35+/Cat 4 that should be upgrading to Cat 3 any day now (Yes, I'm talking about you Joel and Bob!!!).

I've spent quite a bit if time with Landon and the other junior track racers getting them up to speed as a volunteer helper during the Superdrome Youth Devo program. Sometimes I'm needed, sometimes I just air up tires but its all good either way.

Landon is doing well on the track and the road. He did 18.1 mph avg for 28 miles with me this last Saturday in a RBM training ride. Nice. Need to get him to the 36 mile endurance level very soon, and work on his spin in the process. Its good, but can always be better...

All for now..

Cyclist to pray for: Todd M.'s family. He passed away on a ride Saturday, details unknown at this time.


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