Friday, October 23, 2009

Recovery week

I had a coach for 6 months this year, and learned a number of valuable things during that time.

1) I'm overweight (already knew this)
2) Shaving will gain me 2 watts (or so he says....I'm still furry)
3) I have more ability than I think I do
4) Recovery weeks are a good thing
5) I hate recovery weeks
6) Other things as directed by management

After last weekends solo/racing/LBS ride mileage-fest, I have taken this week off to recover. I did ride the trainer last night in Zone 2 for an hour....nothing to get excited over, but burned a few calories along the way while watching the first Mission:Impossible movie

My next ride of any note won't be until Sunday, or maybe Monday. Saturday is the Sprint Clinic at the track with Landon, taught by Jeff LeBauve....superstar sprinter in his day at the high levels of the sport.

I've been getting more rest and sleep than normal and have spent much of my non-riding time reflecting on the things of God. Sometimes in prayer, sometimes in meditation while pretending to watch whatever medical/legal/police drama was on at the time.

Recovery may not be quite so bad after all...

Cyclist to pray for: Mason. Appendix issues suck, especially when you're 8.


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