Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ride with no purpose...

My employer is awesome. I am allowed to work a split shift twice a week where I leave at 11am, and then finish my 8 hours from home in the evening. The purpose of getting these two afternoons off is to have the daytime to further to ministry of IC3. Sometimes that means meeting with a church or association leader, sometimes leading a group ride, and sometimes it just means training rides so I can continue to be active in the race community without being a laughingstock....

The weather yesterday afternoon was right on the cusp of being too wet for outdoor riding, by my standards. My standard is simple...if I'm going to HAVE to clean the bike, I don't ride in it. If I get caught in the rain, fine. But I don't go out in it intentionally.

Looking like it would be good, I decided to get in a "longish" (for me) ride of 40+ miles. I convinced Landon's mom to let him go out with me for a bit, since he was out of school and just hanging at the house (on his 14th birthday). It was an easy sell...

I rode the 12.6 miles from my house to his, and we headed south with no particular destination in mind other than "towards the Superdrome/RBM." Nice, easy spinning pace since this is a recovery week for him, and base miles for me. We found that even in the middle of a Monday afternoon, Legacy in Frisco is a nice clean road to ride on with one small section of construction. We did encouter some mist, which decided to change into "very light rain" so we turned around and headed back. All told, I hit 42 miles for the day and my bike got a bath, which is a rarity.

I got my miles, Landon spun his legs a bit and Fellowship was had. One of the better rides I've had in awhile.

Cyclist to pray for: Andrew - fast recovery from a jacked up collarbone.


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