Friday, September 4, 2009

Networking ride

The economy is looking like it may have hit bottom and is starting to show signs of improvement. But it will be slow.

Many talented individuals have been laid off or are working below their normal pay range...this is not news to anyone.

I've been there twice myself as a member if the IT industry and know the frustration of spending the entire day reviewing the same jobs boards, calling the same recruiters and sending out resumes all day long.

So....lets go for a ride!

Starting yesterday, I'm going to attempt to be at White Rock lake in the parking lot by the boathouse on West Lawther (TP Hill?) to lead a "Networking ride." I was originally going to call it an "Unemployment ride", but I want to make it open to anyone that can be there, whether they are unemployed, retired, flex-time, stay-at-home mom's, etc.

WRL is about 9.3 miles around, and you can do as many or as few laps as you desire. Yesterday some did 3, others 4 or more. The avg. pace was 16.something, with bursts up into the 20s. most of it was conversational pace, and we would have all stopped for mechanical issues if there had been any.

This is not a hard training ride, unless all of those in attendance want it to be. The goal here is to meet new people and see how you can help each other out professionally. Until yesterday I didn't know anyone in the construction management field. I may never need that....but I just might. Hard to tell...

So, please come out if you can get the time. If you are a recruiter and want to drop by before the ride (or better, come ride with us), please feel free to do so.

Cyclists to pray for: All 3 guys that met me there yesterday :)


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