Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OUCH!!!! OK, thats better....

Limited time and wet roads forced me onto the trainer last night as expected. After my 42 mile easy effort on Monday, last night I figured I'd wake the legs up and do some intensity work.

After fixing the trainer wheel by replacing the cassette spacer that I had to pull off and put on my race wheel a few weeks ago I hopped on and put in Coach Troy's Spinerval DVD - 3.0 - Suffer-O-Rama (a more accurate title has never existed).

I normally do really well with this particular torture method. I have a few others, but this one I can actually complete without passing out and waking up in a pool of sweat, bike parts and sawdust in the cave.

Not last night. Dagnabbit.

I got maybe 20 minutes into it and was in the middle of a 5 minute tempo set alternating standing and seated. I generally like this set but tonight about 2 minutes into it my quads shouted their favorite battle cry to me - "Siddown fool!"

I shouted back things you cannot type on a family-friendly blog and finished the 5 minutes. And pressed the Stop and Power buttons on the DVD player.

Did another 20 minutes or so of "up/downs" which is 30 seconds standing, 2 min rest, 30 second high rpm, 2 min rest...repeat.

Did an hour, went through two sweatbands, burned some calories. Not too bad.

Off today, so I'll make the kids at the Superdrome suffer instead while I stand there and yell intelligent things like "go faster!" and "turn left!" The best part about yelling this brilliant highly educated encouragement to kids on the track is that they can't hear it very well. I figure I sound like Charlie Brown's schoolteacher's angry husband. Sweet.

Cyclist to pray for: David Clinger. To stay on the right path, now that he has found it again.


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