Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ok...that's better

Last week I had a pretty poor result in the Plano Tuesday night crits, for reasons I won't re-type here.

My coach and I had a couple of "re-focusing" type conversations to set my mind back on track to what I am doing and why.

Couple those with getting there on time last night, warming up properly and concentrating on breathing....and what a difference in result and attitude!

Last week: Dropped in 7 minutes, lapped twice, could not hang with the group as it passed.

This week: Dropped in 13 minutes, lapped once and stayed in the group the rest of the race

I did pull out with 2 laps to go so I didn't commit the racer sin of taking someone out of the race that was on the lead lap due to crash, flat, bonehead move, etc. But that was my decision...not one my legs/lungs made for me.

Next week? Goal - 15-20 minutes or better...keep adding to it each week.

For those not familiar with this series, I am in the B Race which is Cat 4 men, 35+ Cat 3 masters, and some women. Its faster than the typical Cat 4 men only run, in my opinion. Great for training.

Cyclist to pray for: Leona in the Ukraine.



Kinetic Loop Training System said...

You might want to re-evaluate your training. If during high intensity races(crits). You find them hard to stay in the group. Then you need to train for that intensity. Here are some simple solution: Intervals from high to low intensity, motor pacing, and local training crits in your neighborhood.

My Best
Michael Lovegren M.S.

Kevin said...

Hi Michael,

This is the local training crit :)

We've been doing base miles and endurance at lower intensity for 2 months, with a goal of having me ready for Track season starting April 10, as well as some of the larger races locally