Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Well that was cool!

The kick-off event of the Horse Country Time Trial Series was this past Saturday. It was part of a three-races in 2 days weekend, as well as bring the opener for the Texas Cup North Region competition and the Texas High School season.

This was the perfect storm of factors that brought about our largest attendance in the (now) 8 times we have run this event. 200 racers came out to go fast, turn around, then go fast some more. Previous best: 89.

We are a Christian Club, and we start each race with a prayer before we even set up registration. Scripture tells us that God will never ask us to do something without providing the tools to do it. Likewise, when He is included everything works for the best. We have seen this proven many times over in our club.

We had exactly the number of volunteers, officials, etc. to run an event this size. Even despite some of them pulling out due to illness (Get well Kolton and Gary!).

I stand in awe, but not suprised at the blessings that have been heaped upon our club.

3 of the standing course records were broken (Juniors, Women, Elite men):

No injuries, despite one of our youngest competitors literally being knocked over by the wind. Tough little dude got up and kept on going.

I was supposed to race later in the afternoon, but the HCTT process was not finished in time to allow for a proper warmup, so I skipped it. This makes March 17 in Plano my next race.

Training is going well....legs strength up, weight down, attitude good.

Cyclist to pray for: John Ryan. Junior racer that did a faceplant after a bike vs. Great Dane incident yesterday. Lots of damage, looks like the concussion/broken nose may be the worst of it.


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