Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The crits just keep on coming

From a team email thread about last night's Plano Crit:

I'm pleased with my race. I stayed in the pack for 20 minutes before deciding to drop back and recover. I was pushing hard on every corner and still starting drift backwards where its gets even more difficult, especially coming out of turn 1.

Recovered at about 15 mph and then jumped back into the pack in the back 1/3 of the bunch.Once I got established and at speed, I was able to move around and keep pace with relative ease. Found myself coasting into a top 10 spot unintentionally when the pack sat up for a bit. Had a brief thought about jumping, but as a lapped rider that would have probably gotten me some nasty looks.

Pulled out with 3 to go to stay out of the way of the sprint (and the crash before the line).
Week 1 - 7 minutes
Week 2 - 13 minutes
Week 3 - 20 minutes

I'm very happy with my improvement, since I've done very little intensity training this year...mostly base miles at Zone 3 or less.

Cyclist to pray for: Rich Enthoven - injuries from a crash last night


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