Monday, March 16, 2009

Let the season begin!

Yeah, I know...the season began unofficially in January at Copperas Cove, then in reality in New Braunfels. I got dropped 5 miles into the first and didn't bother to go to the second (too far)...

My goals for the year:
  • Pack finish in the B race at the Plano crits
  • Upgrade to Cat 3 on the track by season-end
  • Others, but I'm not telling.
Tomorrow is the first event of the FDM Crit series, and I'm as ready as I can be thanks to OnTrack Coaching. I've been on his training plans for 2 months and have worked really hard to abide by them. Did my test warmup at the crit course this afternoon and felt great.

Of ourse, with all the prep and God's sense of humor I'll probably get a flat on the Start line :) Just for humility's sake...

Results tomorrow or Wednesday.

Cyclist to pray for: 99% for John Ryan for continued recovery, 1% for me to not crash and hurt myself tomorrow...


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bullschuck said...

John is off to Fayetteville for the stage race this weekend. He was on the shop ride on Tuesday and I think he did well (I was shepherding another Jr. through the pain of off-the-back-itis, a common occurrence for me). I did hear him say that one more blow to the head and his season is over.