Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 could be fun...

If I'd train right.

Started off the new year with a brutal 50 mile ride, much of which was with 20-30 mph head/crosswinds. I had intended to get at least a metric, possibly even a century but the wind changed my plans.

Spent the better part of my free time over the next 5 days walling/framing a 10x12 section of my garage into what has become known as the "bike cave." Similar to a man cave, but without the La-Z-Boy and big flat panel TV. This is a trainer, workstand, weight-lifting area that can be easily cooled with a small window A/C in the summer or heated in the winter with a space heater.

Decided that 5 days off was enough and jumped on the trainer for a run at Spinerval's Suffer-O-Rama. Normally I do well with this particular workout, but the off days really showed and I truly did suffer. My legs were Jell-O for an hour afterwards.

I am gearing up to ride domestique duties for brother Craig at the Copperas Cove Classic on the Jan 17....good early season fitness check, and proceeds from this race go to the TBi junior program. Craig is feather light and fully-fit. I'm 15 pounds overweight and not as fit. I work for him until I pop in this race, and probably for several others through the season...on the road. Any wins I go for will most likely be on the track.

Lesson learned:
5 days off is too many to come back straight into intensity training

Cyclist to pray for: Beaux Benson. Don't know him, but he went down hard on an Austin ride and is in bad shape.


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bullschuck said...

Ummm, the Copperas Cove race isn't really to raise $$ for the Junior Squad, at least not directly. It's for the overall team, which includes the Jrs, but the Jrs have a separate budget. Not that we won't see some of that money. They've already committed to helping us pay for coaching as well as for Jr Devo camp in Lubbock and Nats later this Summer, but Copperas Cove is probably more about helping the team afford condos at Lago Vista.