Monday, December 29, 2008

Apparently, I love December...

The last two years have been very good to me in December. In addition to being the month we celebrate the birth of Christ by plunging into debt, I was able to get in significant amounts of riding:

2007: 655 miles
2008: 631 miles with three days to go.

For the purists, not all of these miles are outdoors. Many are trainer miles watching movies and doing Spinerval workouts.

Should be hitting the Superdrome tonight if the temperature holds, so I can take one of the IC3 youth out and get him some off-season practice. A few laps for me as well.

I did get in a very good metric ride last Friday. Good in the sense that it was much hillier than the routes I normally take, and much of it was with a 30+ mph cross or head wind. Speed was not the goal...miles and climbing were. The targeted trainer sessions made the hills much flatter than they normally are.

Cyclists to pray for: Gary and Andy.


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