Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ride easy to ride fast?

Since the race on Saturday, I've logged 18 miles. Spread out over 2 days. At less than 140bpm HR.


Well...a coach friend of mine thinks he can make me faster and more successful in races, so he's got me alternating easy/off days this week in preparation for some high effort testing this weekend.

Have you ever tried to ride a trainer, doing high RPMs without going over 140? That takes some serious work and concentration!

I know it all makes sense, but it is difficult to be limited to 40 minutes rides, easy pace when teh weather is "unseasonably warm" here in DFW. Should be close to 80 today and its an off day per my coach.

I am going to try this coaching thing out for three months and see where we stand at that point. If I've seen positive improvements based on his direction I'll post up all his info and encourage you to sign up with him. If not, I'll thank him for his time and ride off on my own.

Now, I am a certified coach as well...but this guy is a Cat 1 racer on the road and the track, so his experience trumps mine. And he has a coach as well.

Cyclists to pray for: The guys that crashed out of the Tour Down Under in stage 3.


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