Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Racing age 41...

As of Jan 1, as far as USAC is concerned I am 41 years old. In cycling terms, I'm a has been that never was :)

I started racing in 2007. Most racers are retiring at that point, or going exclusively Masters categories. Me? I started racing my "skill" category instead of my "age". And I found out that track racing is fun as well.

I feel 26.

With the first race of the year looming, I'm asking myself if I have prepared properly during the much shortened off-season. I rode almost 700 miles in December....most of it on the trainer doing tempo work with a little simulated climbing thrown in to build up the quads.

Saturday morning brother Craig (also 40+) and I will launch ourselves into 2009 racing with 73 other Cat 4 and 5s in Copperas Cove, TX. He's the leader for our 2 person team...I pull him and carry his water bottles until I pop.

Last year in this race I was in it until about mile 40. Got shelled out the back on the biggest climb of the day right after the feed zone (and a perfect feed from Dan).

We'll see how my training has paid off, and if having a teammate in the race with me for the first time ever makes a difference.

Wish us luck!

Cyclist to pray for: Keenan and George W. Bush.


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