Thursday, April 17, 2008


Welcome to anyone that cares to read the ramblings of a (racing age) 40 year old cyclist that is trying to play a 20 year old's game...

I started riding road bikes in 1987. Started racing in 2007. I'm trying to see how much of that 20 year gap I can make disappear...

Why the gap? I had no idea of how to fit a bike in 1987 and the pedals I had caused me knee pain after 20 miles on every ride, so I never tried to go any further. I thought I just had a bad knee. The sad thing is that I never asked anyone for help. Until 1996.

Fast forward to a set of used Shimano SPDs after a LBS ride from Richardson BikeMart where it took me forever to clip in from every stop and I got dropped at every light.

Instant relief.

My wife and I split that year, which took me off the bike for the next 8 years (got re-married to a different wife and had kids during that time as well)

So...youngest kid is now at the age I don't need to be there all the time and I can do some more fitness type riding. I go hard all the time. Going at less than the max is painful for me.

200 lbs in 2000, 160 as I type this. 150 is the goal.

My motivation to train is my team: the International Christian Cycling Club. Yup...I ride and race to glorify God. This is why I can still smile at the end of a race I took last place in, or DNF'd. Because its not about me.

My goal...become a competitive Cat 4 on the road. Cat 3 takes too much training time. Would like to be Cat 3 on the track someday. Fantasy goal of being competitive in any Master's Nationals competition someday. 2009 at the absolute soonest.

Follow along as I have good races and bad, smart moves and the random ID10T moments :)


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