Thursday, April 17, 2008

2008 Matrix Track Cup

Next up on the race schedule:
April 19-20

I'm entered in the 35+/Cat 4 category both days. This is a D1 level event for the Texas Cup competition, which I am unofficially chasing a decent standing in. Consistent decent finishes here will get you a good position, as not everyone can hit all the races. I have no intention of traveling to Houston, so I need to hit all the local races at the SuperDrome.

4 lap scratch
20 lap points race
30 lap points

3 lap Scratch
8 lap 'melting snowball'
20 lap 'Houston tempo'

ouch. Sunday is gonna hurt.

Monday off, crit Tuesday. Recent history has proven that track racing or training on the road fixie is fantastic training for crits...


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