Monday, April 21, 2008

Now THAT was fun...

Spent the weekend racing and watching at the Matrix Track Cup at the Superdrome in Frisco.

Raced in the 35+/Cat4 category (age and skill level combined for us old rookies), with 13 other entrants.

Saturday, 8th of 14 in the omnium (Scratch, points race, points race)

Sunday, 4th of 10? in the omnium (Scratch, Melting Snowball, Houston Tempo), including a 3rd place in a 3 lap scratch. My best result since the BMX days.

I earned 25 Texas cup points for my efforts, which puts me in 5th place in the category overall.

This track thing is every bit as much mental as physical. I took away spots from other guys in Sunday's Melting Snowball simply by passing those who sat up with 2 to go. They knew they weren't going to get any points, but apparently forgot that finish order determined the tie-breaker of all the zero point scorers :)

Sometimes age comes in handy!

next up...the FDM Tuesday night crits, B race.


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