Friday, May 15, 2009

Goal met...part 2

After posting about meeting my road goal for the year, I what? Simple it again. Except, I didn't ride from Tuesday until the following Monday night when I got in a 1 hour trainer ride. Hardly the appropriate level of effort to sustain where I was...

Got dropped in 12 minutes the week after hanging in for 46....go figure :)

I'll work on getting in my miles and intervals a little more consistently.

The other goal is the track upgrade to a Cat 3. I've missed the last two Friday night races at the Superdrome, so tonight I'll be trying to play catch up with the rest of the 35+/Cat 4 dudes. Except Ken Munson...he can go right ahead and take off. Sooner he hits the 3s, the better :)


Scratch race
Snowball (I hate snowballs)
Long Scratch


Cyclist to pray for: Paula. Went down last Friday and damaged all sorts of body parts, but is back home and recuperating.


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