Thursday, June 18, 2009

Long time no post...

Has it really been a month since my last post? Apologies dear reader....

Not much has changed from a results perspective. Still chasing the Track Cat 3, but getting 4th and 6th places isn't going to get me there. I did race the open masters recently and finished...NOT LAST PLACE by virtue of a not last in the Miss-n-out.

My crit racing has gone from bad to worse...all time low of getting dropped in 7 minutes at the Tuesday nighter and a total embarassment at the state crits on Memorial day. Think I'll be taking a looooooooooooong crit break. I seem to do better when I get in some long steady rides the week before a crit, but I've not been able to do that and likely won't until after the Cooper Crit and final HCTT as well as youth camp...all in July.

I will be doing some more interval work and continuing to push hard at the track in the next month or two, but I don't have any more non-track, "must do" races on my schedule.

A "want-to-do" is the 12 hour Texas Time Trials, typically scheduled for September. Need some seriously long training to commence August 1...

Cyclist to pray for: John.


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Anonymous said...

Kevin - Ran into your blog whilst googling around about Dallas Cycling. I appreciate that you were praying for me after my crash in the Tuesday night Crit last March. You would be happy to know that I am back in action on the bike and even playing golf again. Some lingering weakness in the shoulder but pretty much getting over it.

Keep on riding and I hope to see you at the Tuesday race soon.