Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Strong riding

Not too much happened out of the norm for a bit there after my last post...same old crit results, track rain outs, etc.

I did experiment with a larger gear than I normally run at the Plano crit on 4/28, with some success. Sadly, I was a lap down when I did this but the results were interesting. The draft of the pack makes a lot of difference. Thanks to my spontaneous coach for reminding me I wasn't on the track and was spinning way too high...

Saturday was Day1 of the MS150 in DFW. Due to Swine Flu considerations, Day 2 was re-routed to stay out of downtown Ft. Worth. Due to weather considerations, it was later cancelled altogether. Team Coooper Fitness/IC3 started out with 5 of our team, and two others caught up at the first rest stop we hit. Then one more at lunch. We were riding really well as a team, keeping solid pace and having a great time. Overall we finished a bit apart. I was (surprisingly) in the first bunch of 4 to get to TMS with an average of 19.3 over 83 miles. By far my longest and strongest ride of the year, despite being on training hoops with a heavy seat bag full of tubes and tools. Felt strong at the end, and took Sunday off to rest and watch the Mavericks in round 2 of the playoffs. Recovery days are good. Recovery weeks? Hate 'em.

Cyclist to pray for: MTB - broken parts all over....got hit by a car when not even riding.


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