Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Over the top? I can never tell :)

Yes folks, track season is upon us. Last Wednesday the Youth Development practices started up at the Frisco Superdrome. We had 2 brand new kids plus most of the older faces were there as well.

I volunteer my time on Wednesday and Friday afternoons to assist Youth Devo director Suzie by helping the newcomers learn to get a track bike stopped and started safely. Once they graduate "Kevin class" we send them up to the apron to start turning left in Suzie's practices. Its a hoot.

The first race of the Superdrome Points Series (ATRA sanctioned) is this Friday night and I couldn't be more excited. 4 weeks of crits and 3 months of training have lead up to this. Now, I'm old enough and experienced enough to not expect wins right off the bat, since I'm not the only one that has been training, but I do expect a decent performance.

The first 2 weeks are all scratch races - basically mini-crits for those of you not familiar with track racing. 8 laps, then 16 laps, then 20+ laps. I actually have a warmup routine for the first time. Last year's warmup was something along the lines of "Go ride some laps, rest, ride some faster laps, rest, ride in race gear for a bit, race."

Why am I so excited about track? Its fun. Its safer than crits. I've actually got a shot at winning from time to time, and its spectator friendly :)

Send me your youth and we'll teach them to ride, work together and have fun doing it!

Cyclist to pray for: Richard E.


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