Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Starting to feel it...

I've been following (pretty closely) a training plan provided by my coach that is targeted at getting me ready for the weekly criterium series that starts mid-March in Plano, TX. This series has been going on in one way or another for at least 20 years. My goal for the year is simple: Get a pack finish in the B race. When I meet that goal, I'll set a new one.

On the new training regimen, I'm more focused on (of all things) proper warmup, long intervals and legitimate recovery. I'm actually riding more, but a lot less tired/fatigued. I like it!

Got out yesterday for 1.5 hour ride on the rolling hills of Horse Country USA (Denton County, TX). Once I was past my warmup slots, I started a 30 minute interval that fit perfectly with the route I had chosen. Some moderate rolling hills, one light, and two stop signs. I was able to cruise this section in Zone 3 pretty much straight through and focus on consistency and pacing. Even the dogs stayed away...very unusual.

Felt great, went home got a shower and took an impromptu nap during President Obama's prime time news conference. Not a commentary on him, but taking advantage of the chance to doze...

I may be old, but I'm riding younger lately.

Cyclist to pray for: Todd K. Continuing (but improving) back issues


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