Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Recovery week...do what?

Hello again dear reader(s)....

This week I am supposed to be "recovering" from hard efforts the last 3 weeks (averaging 9 hours/140+ miles) by doing a 6 hour week. I'm told that this is necessary to allow both body and mind to recuperate, and I know this to be true. But...given the agreeable weather we've been having here in DFW, that doesn't make it any easier to go ride slowly for short amounts of time.

But I will. :)

Because I want to improve this year in noticeable ways. My conditioning is up, my weight is down and my reliance on the inhaler is less (EIA is a real drag...).

My first real test will come on March 7 at the Denton Rhapsody Criterium. I'll be in the Cat 4/5 category at 4pm, after having gotten up at 5:30 am to run the Horse Country TT for my club. I'm using the crit to practice the new warmup procedure I've been given and see how I do. I don't care whether I win or DNF...this is only a fitness/process test for me.

Hopefully, some other aging cyclists/dads are getting something out of this blog...feel free to drop me a note/comment if you are (or if you'd rather I just hush!)


Cyclist to pray for: JM. Family stuff.


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