Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm not dead!!!

I'm just lazy :)

Sorry about the lack of posts...its been a busy year.

Apparently, when you actually work out, get serious and lose pounds, and then train ride better.

Have been doing all of the above since last January, and last Saturday I had my best road race ever at the Copperas Cove Classic. No idea what place, as I was OTB. But...I rode harder, faster and smarter than ever, and actually finished the race in a small group and ahead of quite a few other riders.

I have 615 miles in this month, including 5 metric centuries (one more planned for Saturday). Doing this, along with core exercises has allowed me to go much longer than before. And I feel pretty good. My lower back pain issues are taking longer and longer to crop up on rides, if they do at all. This tells me the issue is fitness, not fit.

My focus for 2011 will still be track, the BikeMS DFW and the IC3 juniors. Road races and crits are just for fun and training.

Cyclists to pray for:

Pappy's dad
Gary's dad
FlyGuy's wife
Richard's daughter
My son


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