Thursday, February 11, 2010

Off season musings

Hello dear readers!

Yes, its been since October since my last post. That is only because there have not been any significant riding events since then, unless me on the trainer is "significant" :)

I forced myself to back off November - January, helped along by a big mileage week in November where I really aggravated my neck muscles. Dr. appointment, drugs, chiro, stretching....still have soreness. I can stop riding and feel better, or just remember to stretch and work the core every night and get where I need to be. I chose the ride/stretch route.

January was the last of the "base" months for both Landon and I, and we are in a 2 month build period, of increasing intensity. We are both targeting the April 2 season opener at the Superdrome. I am also leading the charge of the IC3 - I am Second team for this year's BikeMS. My 'A' races this year are Friday nights at the track in April/May, and Masters Track Nationals in September. I'll do a crit here and there, and may be a road race just for kicks, but the focus is all track for me.

Major goal for the year: put the IC3 jersey anywhere on the podium at Masters Nats, any event. Please God by giving Him all the credit!

I've been working on weight loss since January 1, where I started at 172. This morning saw me at 165.2. I'm 5'8", so I have another 10 pounds to go to get to what I feel is a good race weight. The CDC says that 125-158 is a "Normal" weight for my height. Calories in/out is the only way to lose. Counting my calories the last few weeks has been a painful reminder that I eat like a pig :(

We have a great year ahead of us, all praises belong to God for without Him, we are nothing.

Cyclist to pray for: Chris and Scott. Continued successes.


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